In according with the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR).

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting your personal data. This information describes the processing of the personal data uploaded or collected on the internet domains " (hereinafter "the Websites") and for the services offered with said Websites, as well as the personal data uploaded or collected through the Applications made available by Tattoo Life brandon third-party platforms (e.g. mobile apps) and/or Services also offered in other channels as printed paper magazines and yearbooks.

You may browse the Websites and Applications freely and are not obliged to register, except for certain restricted areas of the same, where the user is required to freely and expressly provide personal data in order to be able to access and/or to use addictional services for which your specific consent is required. In the cases where you intend to provide your personal data in order to access those additional services, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of GDPR (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION), we expressly informe you of the purposes and methods with which the data will be used by the "Data Controller", and you will always be given the right to erase or update those data at any time.


You do not need to be registered to access the Websites and/or Applications. However, we inform you that we collect two basic types of information: personal data and anonymous data; furthermore, we may use either personal or anonymous data for the creation of a third type of information: aggregated data.

We collect the following categories of personal data:

  • registration data uploaded when you sign-up to our newsletter service, which include e-mail addresses, name, country;
  • identity/contact data of the transaction/orders uploaded when one of our products or services is purchased on our Websites or through our Applications, which include information on the purchased products/services, the email address, the telephone number, the date of birth, the name and lastname, the password, the shipping and billing address, the payment information and eventually invoice information;
  • information that you provide Mediafriends by telephone, e-mail or through our contact form on our Websites and/or Applications;
  • registration data uploaded when you create an account, which may include name and lastname, date of birth, telephone/mobile, e-mail address and password and/or eventually other fields;
  • data uploaded in public forums and/or comments area on the Websites and/or Applications;
  • information on the location, including the device identification code or the IP address of the user, at the moment in which the user visits the Website, use our Applications, on third-party websites and platforms, or opens our email messages.

Whenever should we acquire information and personal data about users, we will notify the same in advance, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of GDPR, of the purposes for which said data are required and of the procedures engaged for their use.

We do not collect any special categories of personal data (which include sensitive personal information such as details about your race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political affiliation and sexual orientation).

It is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and current, so please keep us informed if your personal data changes during your relationship with us. You can inform us by email at the following address:


When we collects your data, it means that we needs it to provide you better information about services, products, events, promotions as well as special offers. To be more specific, we can use your data to:

  • provide products and services for you;
  • process transaction and/or manage orders (e.g. on our online Store);
  • send notification about information exchange between you and Mediafriends;
  • send you information and promotional emails about new products, special offers or other subjects related to Tattoo Life which we think you may find interesting, using the email address which you have provided;
  • prevent activities that destroy or damage user accounts and/or profiles;
  • contact and solve your problems in some specific cases connected to the Website and Applications;
  • run analytics or collect statistics;
  • propose to partecipate to our events and/or promotions related to the tattoo world.